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"We deliver unique experiences for the world's next top brands and institutions that strive to have an impact in their industries."

Armand de Brignac Champagne

To mark the F1 Grand Prix Week and Armand de Brignac official launch in Singapore, R+I designed and developed an exclusive brand experience for the launch of Armand de Brignac champagne in a truly iconic venue: CE LA VI in Marina Bay Sands...

"The R+I Creative team was able to understand the very essence of our brand and delivered an event exceeding all expectations."
_Sebastien Besson, CEO Armand de Brignac

© R+I Showreel 2015
Remember Why You Started

For those of you who have been keeping track of our adventures, a lot has happened since we launched one of the first global websites dedicated to showcasing inspiring branded content Brand RMX in 2009.

In 2011, we went on to produce the critically acclaimed film "Influencers", which is celebrating its 4th anniversary this year. The film took us around the world while we worked on great commercial projects for iconic brands. We want to share the story of our journey with you.

Conviction & Passion
As a Rider.

But first, let’s rewind and return to 2008!

There we were, founders Davis and Paul, 2 "hungry kids" from Paris. We’d both been working in some of Paris’s most reputable marketing and digital agencies for more than eight years and had earned the trust and respect of our peers. We both had steady jobs, rewarding careers, and the opportunity to work on cool projects for brands such as Chanel, Microsoft, MTV, Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz etc.

However, the picture just did not seem complete. A piece of the puzzle, it seemed, was missing when it came time to switch off the computer at the end of the workday. We’d leave the office with a gnawing sense of unsettledness. "Is there more to this?" "Am I really passionate about the work I am doing right now?" "Isn’t this the time to move on to something bigger and better?"

Pondering these questions led us to one conclusion: not only were we ready for a change, we needed a change. We both recognized the importance of acting and working in accordance with our inner-voice and we both understood the power of authenticity in mass communication.

So in 2009, we decided to take the leap. We were motivated by a strong desire to push creative boundaries and it was the right time to explore new paths. We quit our jobs and embarked on a mission to do what we thought we were good at – bringing our brand of honest, grassroots, and innovative vision to the advertising business. So R+I’s spirit was born!

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do."

Take Risks,
Trust Your Intuition
And Have Faith.

A Global Creative Revolution

In 2009, a global creative revolution was taking place and we wanted to be a part of it. We knew that advertising and content creation, as they existed at the time, were about to be redefined drastically thanks to social media and the emergence of new, lifestyle-changing products and services.

In the past few years, we have witnessed an ever-growing number of talented game changers, storytellers, inventors, developers, and D.I.Y. people who are riding an unprecedented wave of creative and economic freedom thanks to a bevy of new technologies. So, naturally, we embraced the risks that entrepreneurship requires.

The Nikon D90, the first ever DSLR camera with video recording capabilities was launched in May.
"One of the great challenges for all of us, not just creative people, is to put yourself in the unusual cultures where you don’t belong.

Put yourself amongst people who you don’t normally hang-out with. Get out of your comfort zone."
_John C. Jay
President of Global Creative UNIQLO
Launch of the 1st full-frame sensor full HD video capable camera allowing customer to control DOF: Canon 5D mark II
Apple launches the 1st iPad
Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and launched in October 2010
Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Invest in Your Brand; Make Your Own Way
"Marketing projects take up time that could be spent on product projects. And your best marketing is product."
_Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance

In 2010, during coffee shop sessions at the Bastille (a neighborhood of Paris, and a key symbol of the French Revolution), we discovered that what we really wanted to do was to tell a story about creativity (a topic we are quite fond of), and how trends become contagious. The seed for "INFLUENCERS" – an independent documentary film that reflects the R+I spirit and would define the next few years of our activities, took root:

We came up with a draft script and tried pitching it to key decision-makers in the entertainment industry in the hope of obtaining the funding needed for production. But after several meetings with potential sponsors, we decided that the only way to retain the integrity of our concept was to produce the film ourselves. From Paris to New York, this project took us to the playgrounds of some of the most interesting and talented individuals we’d ever met. In the process of making this film, we discovered how icons are made, and how big ideas catch on and set the world ablaze.

© Influencers Film
Decoding Culture

"Influencers" helped us garner a storytelling reputation and get some visibility in the creative and advertising world, and the film was instrumental in helping us grow as a brand.

We set out to create a film that would celebrate the brilliant and inspirational minds working backstage in the creative world, a film that would serve as a testament to the impact these creatives have on mainstream culture.

Dao Yi Chow
Back in 2010, Dao Yi was the Creative Director of Public School, a young fashion brand. In 2014, Dao Yi and his partner Maxwell Osborne won a CFDA award, the fashion equivalent of the Oscars in the Best Menswear Designer category in 2014. In April 2015, they were named Creative Directors of DKNY.
Steve Stoute
In 2013, Steve Stoute was elected Ad Age Executive of the Year. In 2014, Stoute was named one of the top 1,000 creative people in business by Fast Company.
Robert Glasper
Remember the "Influencers" introduction track? It was created by Robert Glasper Jazz Trio. Now dubbed "The Robert Glasper Experiment", the band has since been nominated for a total of four Grammys. They won Grammys for Best R&B Album with ‘Black Radio’ in 2013 and Best Traditional R&B Performance in 2015 for their track "Jesus Children" from the ‘Black Radio 2’ album.
Impact & First Rewards

Little did we expect that "Influencers" would become a key driver in the business development of R+I Creative.

The project had six million cumulative views, was featured on major influential blogs and reviewed by Forbes, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Hypebeast, Complex, Contagious, PSFK and many other mass media and industry publications.

Its impact exceeded the project’s intended objectives and brought us global recognition and accolades from the advertising world and the creative communities around the globe.

"Influencers" garnered such a large following that like-minded businesses started to seek us out for our professional services:

"Creating Culturally Relevant Brand Experience Ranging From Digital To Live Events"

Email inquiries soon led to commissions to produce TV commercials, branded campaigns, and cutting-edge in-house projects.

R+I Creative has since been hired to work on a wide range of commercial projects for iconic brands, and these assignments have taken us to many different locations around the world.

"Artists must be given full trust and freedom if they are to make truly good work.

If you talk about having a client, then you’re not on the same level.

To be commissioned by somebody is another degree of collaborating. It requires respect. It’s another way of working."

Like Boom, we believe in this spirit of collaboration, and working with clients and great creative minds whose values we respect. We can proudly say that working with companies such as Reebok US and Reebok Asia Pacific (HK), Warner Bros Records (US), Red Bull (FR), Avex Entertainment (JP), Nike Foundation (UK), Ubisoft (FR), Mazda Europe (DE), just to name a few, were very rewarding experiences. We’ve also served as creative consultants for agencies and brands such as Translation LLC, DMG Entertainment, Red Bull Media House, Ermenegildo Zegna, NBC Universal, Mediamonks and ESI Design.

Few Clients:

The outpouring of praise and support we have received since embarking on this journey is proof of the success of our in-house content strategy. Reading that aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs alike, from all corners of the globe (US, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia) have been inspired by R+I’s work is immensely humbling, and we are infinitely grateful for the encouragement.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
_Maya Angelou
Our voice, our identity

These emails and clients requests made us aware of one thing:
"We have a distinctive voice, an unequivocally Human, Genuine and impassioned Voice that transcends cultural boundaries and invoke powerful emotional responses. That is what sets us apart."

We were born from a candid yearning for entrepreneurial independence and are always capable of delivering something fresh and unique. That is one of the key reasons why renowned brands and companies have decided to take the leap and entrust their projects to a small agency such as ours.

Take two: Re: definition

Opportunity in disruption

So what's next for us?
We are in the continual process of reinventing and transforming R+I.
R+I Creative has, over the last few years, evolved through continuous progress made through meaningful partnerships with great people, the most significant of these is the adoption of another hungry kid into our family.
Jaewoo, entrepreneur and producer, has joined our crew to bring his experience in worldwide commercial campaigns, film production and business development to R+I.
In an ever-changing environment, a creative agency’s best asset is AGILITY – the ability to anticipate and adapt to highly volatile markets, increasing consumer awareness, and new technologies.
Listen, observe, do, redo, try again, that’s how we approach things here at R+I.

We’re also exploring new horizons outside of Europe and North America. After flying thousands of miles, and experiencing numerous life-altering events, we’ve recently relocated to Asia, where we’re writing the next chapter of our journey:
We are currently working on our second big in-house project called ‘Rethink Asia’, that integrates our different passions and skill-sets for Digital and Live experience + storytelling + culture + game-changing ideas.
Rethink Asia is the sequel to ‘Influencers’, and with this project, we are challenging ourselves to create powerful narratives mixing creative disciplines.

Coming Soon
© Rethink.asia

Be it in tech, film production, entertainment, design or fashion, Asian urban centers such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Hanoi, Beijing, Bangalore or Bangkok are now the new hubs from which a new generation of entrepreneurs and creative minds are shaping their local markets as well as redefining business activity on a global scale.
Rethink Asia offers the viewer insights into the paths leading to this expanding world of commerce and culture in Asia, and examines the existing relationships between the two.

China’s wealthiest man, Jianlin Wang acquired North American cinema chain AMC Entertainment for $2.6 billion, making his company Dalian Wanda the largest movie exhibitor in the world.
Chinese electronic brand Xiaomi appoints former Google Android spokesperson Hugo Barra to be the brand’s international vice president.
China’s e-commerce giant Ali Baba claims the title for the largest global IPO ever at US$25 billion.
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun selected as 100 most influential people by TIME
DJI, the world’s largest drone manufacturer, in talks to raise money at $10B valuation.

And to expand the R+I family, we’re always on the lookout for talented and forward-thinking individuals who are ready to dive into a highly creative environment.