Branded Content

R+I created an immersive documentary series to build excitement around Ubisoft’s The Division release !

March 11, 2016

For the launch of their most anticipated 2016 new video game “Tom Clancy’s The Division”, Ubisoft Germany intended to innovate in the way they usually promote their games while reaching a wider audience

To achieve this challenge, R+I Creative and Biborg in collaboration with Vice Media,  came up with a three-part docu-style series of 13 minutes, based on the video game, that explore the dramatic plausibility of the game fictional “post-pandemic” plot in our real life.

It took R+I not less than 7 interviews with game developers, experts in bio-terrorism, national security and survivalists from Berlin and NYC, to reveal the clear and frightening parallelism between the game and the reality in which recent crisis like Ebola or MERS were in all consciences.