Marriott Group Marriott International Project Sunrise

Introducing a partnership to capture Chinese tourism boom


Marriott Group and Fliggy, an online travel platform within Alibaba, are making the first move in kickstarting their collaboration to serve Chinese consumers travelling abroad and domestically. This year alone, there are already 150 million Chinese people travelling outside of China; it is believed to escalate to 700 million people in the next 5 years. The fast-growing trend gives Marriott and Fliggy, Alibaba the opportunity to cater the needs of such an abundant size of travellers, by introducing the newly merged Marriott and Alibaba’s loyalty programmes, so that Chinese travellers can book rooms at Marriott hotels or sign up for its loyalty programmes via Alibaba’s travel service platform, Fliggy.


  • Introduce Fliggy and Alibaba within Marriott Group hotel brands
  • Convey the significance of partnership between Fliggy + Marriott International
  • Increase awareness of Chinese outbound tourism and size of the opportunity


  • Create an animated video with voice over to visually demonstrate the potential benefits of the collaboration between Marriott and Fliggy


Marriott Group


  • Storytelling
  • Motion graphics
  • Video production