Chevrolet Chevrolet Cruze Mixed Reality Film

Introducing AR Technology to enhance customer car-buying experience


Chevrolet is a globally recognised car manufacturer that belongs to the leading General Motors Company that has a strong brand positioning in performance and technology. To further reinforce its position as a tech and innovative brand, Chevrolet partnered with Isobar to transcend the dealership experience to the next level by creating a Mixed Reality 3D Visualiser App that will incite consumers to visit Chevrolet showrooms and shops. For the launching of the Chevrolet Cruze in Korea, Chevrolet wants to make a promotional video explaining how this new technology can revolutionize the way we sell and buy a car, ultimately to create excitement about this new dealership experience.


  • Reach out to the young male audience (25-39 years old) while creating affinity to the brand
  • Introduce the NG Cruze 2017
  • Introduce the Mixed Reality technology developed by Isobar SG
  • Create excitement and associate Chevrolet to a technology brand


  • Create a compelling social media video using impactful supers
  • Associate Chevrolet with the latest technology and enhance the customer experience
  • Showcase the 3D Visualiser technology and excite consumers within the dealerships
  • Capture real customers’ delight via the technology used and engagement with the NG Cruze




  • Video production