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How to Promote Product Features Through Visual Metaphors


“Rebels with a Cause – The Mazda Community” was established to share convention-challenging experiences and serve as space where users can exchange ideas with the like-minded. Among other things, the platform features documentaries on selected TED Fellows people who have been taking unconventional approaches in tackling intriguing issues.


To accompany the launch of their new Mazda, JWT Germany reached out to R+I to create 8 films for both their platform “Rebel with a Cause” and Mazda Space, a 2,000 m2 facility in the heart of Barcelona that serves as the central hub for the company’s European events.

  • Develop cool car content based on visual metaphors introducing the new Mazda groundbreaking technologies


R+I produced 8 videos composed of different creative techniques mixing shoot, stock, animated stills, and kinetic typography with a quirky narrator.


Mazda Europe


  • Creative Direction, Content Creation, Production


  • JWT