PayPal Level Up

Rise of New Heroes in the Gaming Business


Gaming is a leading entertainment activity around the world that generates large volumes of business.
France is known as a gaming world reference, the 3rd most attractive country to develop video games.
With an average growth rate of about 6%, it is the fastest growing entertainment sector in France — and in France, thousands of professional gamers play live on the Internet. Many of their fans support them (i.e. streaming) by sending donations using PayPal which provides efficient electronic banking tools to many SMEs in the gaming industry ; 20% of PayPal users are gamers.

Based on these market’s insights, this was an opportunity for PayPal to become more actively engaged in the gaming communities.


To address this challenge, with its long experience in the video game industry, Biborg reached out to R+I to engage the gaming community and showed that PayPal stands alongside passion-driven gaming entrepreneurs and pioneers willing to take part in the bright future of gaming:

  • Showcase PayPal’s involvement and positive impact on the French gaming industry, beyond the electronic banking tool
  • Capture pro-gamers’s stories and their unusual career paths to success
  • Inspire action through aspirational storytelling


R+I produced ‘Level Up’, a thrilling documentary (12mn) featuring 4 French gaming entrepreneurs opening up and telling their stories about their unusual career paths before they manage to succeed and live from their passion. By capturing their everyday lives and incorporating interviews with video game footages, the documentary explores three areas that have become central to the growth of gaming:

1. eSports through Yellowstar, a professional video game player, who plays in one of the best teams in the world FNATIC

2. Streaming through Zerator and Domingo that are successful French independent live streamers

3. Independent Video Games through Khao, an independent game developer who developed ‘Last Fight’  a game based on a comic.




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