R+I LAB Perfect Imperfection

Reviving Creative Genius


Paradoxically what great artists sometimes look for in their creative quest is not a moment of perfection but rather one of imperfection. Sometimes an uninvited smudge of paint can be the sign of a master at work.
Sometimes, when the tapes are left rolling in the recording studio they pick up a little something extra. The legendary Sun Studios record producer Sam Phillips, the man who introduced a young Elvis Presley to the world, understood this only too well. His interest when recoding Elvis was not to seek out the most perfectly played take but rather the one that made him feel something special inside, even if there was a mistake like a bum note or a forgotten lyric somewhere in the recording. If it felt right then it was right. Sam Philips used to call it “perfect imperfection”


  • Turning a feature-length documentary into a very short format while keeping an engaging storytelling


R+I created a three-part 1mn 30s film series called ‘Perfect Imperfection’.
Composed of photographs and archive footage, together with a narrative voice laid over a soundtrack of some examples of the greatest popular music of the last 65 years our 1mn 30s film series gives an insight of the talent and unexpected elements present in the artistic genius of some of the greatest icons of 20th Century popular culture, amongst them are Bob Dylan, Mohammed Ali & Andy Warhol.

Each film reveals how their genius lies not in the perfection of their work but rather in its technical imperfections, which set it apart and grant it legendary status.




  • Concept, Creative Direction, Content Creation, Motion Design