Estée Lauder EL Emotional Connection with Millennials

Promoting new beauty lines across different social channels


Estée Lauder has been widely recognised as a top notch beauty company. With celebrity endorsement from world-class megastars such as Kendall Jenner and Liu Wen, the brand is well known for its anti-aging products, makeup products and fragrances. However, Estée Lauder wishes to bring in more innovative products targeted at the millennial market as well, paving the way for future brand expansion in the APAC region.


• Introduce the Estée Lauder Mega Nutritious franchise, creating awareness and driving curiosity of the products
• Demonstrate the usage of the Pomegranate & Algae belief products to a younger audience, communicate and create brand affinity on social platforms
• Create eye-catchy and visually appealing GIFs of the Blooming Lip Balms to grasp the attention of social media platform users


Promotional video
Use of stop motion and mixed media animation to drive engagement and interaction on social media.


Instructional video
Use of a series of instructional videos to visually demonstrate the usage and benefits of the products and to deepen the understanding of consumers’ to the products.


GIFs/Animated visuals
Use of GIFs on Instagram or other social media platforms to introduce the colors of lip balms in a quick and entertaining way.



Estée Lauder


  • Stop motion
  • How-To video
  • GIFs/ Animated visuals