Ahsay Ahsay Back Up Software Corporate Video

Putting a human face on a fast-growing tech company


From a small family business to a global backup software player, Ahsay experienced a rapid growth. With the recent listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Ahsay enters a new era and it needs to communicate its new vision to the customers, partners and investors.


  • Put a human face on a high tech product by showcasing the founders vision and the actual staff behind
  • Inform customers of the improvements made within the company
  • Announce the new era of Ahsay and thus generate confidence within the community


In light of the challenges faced by the company, R+I Company has made a short film for the company, featuring the co-founders and staff of the company, and highlighting how the good work ethic and positive team spirit within the company have shaped the company new culture.




  • Storytelling
  • Video production
  • Motion graphics