Chevrolet Chevrolet training video

Step-by-step tutorial to heighten car dealership experience


Chevrolet is well known for its performance and technology, but to further reinforce its soft power of being tech savvy, Chevrolet is ready to present its first 3D visualiser technology to the public and to reposition its brand as a technology brand. It also wants people, especially the car dealers, to acknowledge the many benefits of using this 3D visualiser for heightening the car dealership experience. Given that there is a growing demand for this technology from the markets in Korea, a step-by-step tutorial will be presented as a lead-in for car dealers to kickstart a more innovative approach of car dealership experience.


  • Introduce the 3D visualiser and the overview of this technology
  • Explain why the technology will enhance the customer experience and benefit the dealers themselves


  • Provide an easy step-by-step tutorial guide for dealers to follow using the technology




  • Video production
  • How-To/ Instructional video


  • Isobar Singapore