Ubisoft The Division - Into Chaos

Engaging a Wider Audience Beyond Gamers


Ubisoft Tom Clancy’s The Division is a realistic game that portrays how a modern society has become fragile and complex, and how a city would react to the chaos following a pandemic. It engages players in a brutal and dangerous world where they will have to survive, help people and fight against others while being caught in a large-scale conspiracy.
In anticipation of the global game release, Ubisoft Germany strive to innovate in the way they usually promote their games while reaching out to a wider audience.


  • Engage a wider audience beyond the core gamers through realistic fiction


To achieve this goal, R+I Creative and Biborg in collaboration with Vice Media created an immersive and informative content that explores the dramatic plausibility of the game fictional plot in our real life.
We created an innovative 3-part docu-style series,  including interviews with game developers, experts in bio-terrorism, national security and survivalists, mixed with game footages, to reveal the clear and frightening parallelism between the game and reality.


  • Over 1 million cumulated organic views
  • The game became Ubisoft’s best-selling game in its first 24 hours

The feedback we are receiving from press, community and influencers for The Division: Into Chaos is amazing in regards to production value and narrative giving a real added value to our game, and is already exceeding what we envisioned for this documentary production.

Salah Al-Dujaili Brand Manager, UBISOFT Germany




  • Man vs Wild Concept, Content Creation, Production


  • Biborg
  • Vice Germany
  • Microsoft Xbox